We use our experience in working different sectors with thousand of companies of all sizes, to tailor custom solutions for you. We design optimized fleet options for firms of all sizes from industry giants to SMEs.

In this respect, first we listen to you, analyze your company and determine your needs. Afterwards we quickly offer the best solution package for you. We share with you, our years of experience in different sectors, with different companies.

Thanks to diversity of our vehicle park, extensive variety of our brands and models, we provide the ideal solutions for you keeping in mind the organization structure of your company.

  • Varying contract periods (1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years)
  • Extensive brand and model portfolio
  • Industry's largest brand new vehicle inventory
  • Industry's fastest new vehicle delivery time
  • Delivery of vehicles can be made anywhere in Turkey

It is part of the special solutions we can offer you.

Our mission is to provide "operational excellence" from the moment you start driving your car.

Thanks to our experienced personnel managing the largest vehicle fleet of Turkey and our superior infrastructure, as the phrase goes you shall "forget" your fleet.

As your business partner, we undertake all kinds of inconveniences and expenses related to your car. All you need to do is to focus on your work and success.

We are by your side all around Turkey with our competent staff and uninterrupted service network, operating 24/7.

We provide the fastest service through more than 750 contracted authorized service locations country wide, along with our workshops and offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir that can render service and maintenance works for upto 500 cars a day.

All services undertaken by us are provided with the same speed and reliability at every office and service location in Turkey. We handle the problems that your cars may have in different cities.

Your dedicated after sales service represenatative & customer representatives are always ready to meet your needs.

For all makes and all models in every segment that you leased a vehicle, you can take advantage of the largest replacement vehicle inventory located all around Turkey.

  • 7/24 service
  • The largest and most extensive replacement vehicle pool
  • Intercity workshops at Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir
  • Contracted 750 authorized workshops and service stations all around Turkey
  • Tow track service nationwide
  • Competent and experienced customer service representatives

help you continue your operations in an uninterrupted way, taking you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our business model is not based on a one time service, it is built on building long-lasting friendships. All kinds of feedback from you is valuable for us.

We continuously record all your suggestions and complaints for your satisfaction and we strive to improve our performance and constantly provide innovations.

We contact you to plan our next association before the lease period is over. Thus we ensure you continue your operations without any interruption. Because short term interests are not important for us, we focus on building long-lasting relationships.

  • Customer satisfaction measurements
  • Constant communication
  • Discounted Used Car Sales
  • The opportunity to return vehicles all over Turkey
  • Quotes that meets your changing expectations and circumstances

and thanks to your reliable business partner, you would not seek for different solutions.

You can use the credits that you saved by not buying a car, to expand your business in different fields.

Lease payments are not accounted under the liabilities of company balance sheet, thus such lease payments shall not affect debt capacity of your company.

All monthly lease invoices are accounted as expense items in company's quarterly balance sheet.

You will not suffer any loss of value that you would have to bear when selling your car.

In summary, operational fleet leasing will save you money and this way you can use such amounts that you would have reserved for buying vehicles, to expand your business. You wouldn't have a non-income generating asset (like a car) in your company's balance sheet. There will be no reduciton in company capital funds.

You will benefit from our price advantages that we gain when buying brand new cars.

Since we are the largest buyer of all vehicle brands available in Turkey, distributors and vehicle producers provide us with high discounts. We reflect these discounts on leasing fees we offer to our clients. You will benefit from discounts without any bargaining and get the best of all deals.

You can save time by receiving your vehicles either at Intercity headquarter or branches or dealers closest to you in your city.

We have the fastest new vehicle delivery average time in the sector.

For the period until your vehicle is delivered from manufacturer, if you like, we can provide you with temporary vehicles to ensure your businesses continuity.

Every month you pay a pre determined monthly fee and you can plan your budget accordingly.

You will not have bad surprises or unexpected costs and you will not pay accident, repair and insurance expenses.

There will not be any sudden cash outflows; you will make your payment with monthly installments.

When you think your vehicle is old, you can renew your contract and continue to pay with installments with the new vehicles we will provide you.

You will enjoy the comfort of not having any difference in fleet related costs from month to month.

You can directly register the monthly leasing invoices as expense and enjoy the tax advantages.

VAT amount stated on your leasing invoice can be deducted from the VAT payable balance of your company which will provide a tax advantage for your company.

All monthly leasing invoices can be accounted as an expense item during the preparation of quarterly balance sheets.

We keep track of mandatory traffic insurance of vehicles and renew them when necessary.

While all leased vehicles have been secured by collusion warranty insurances, you don't have to spend any time or resource on these issues.

According to our insurance system which is under the guarantee of the industry leading insurance companies, all leased vehicles from our company and their drivers can optionally be secured under extensive insurance policies with full coverages, including, but not limited to Personal Accident and Arbitrary Financial Liability Insurance, motor insurance, collusion warranty insurance and mandatory traffic insurances.

With Arbitrary Financial Liability insurance, which we call umbrella policy, our company insures your financial liability up to a total of USD 750,000 per any one occurence, regardless of material or bodily injury within the frame of special and general conditions.

Insurance coverage under the policy;
As a result of an accident, 3. Material losses that to individuals,
2. As a result of an accident, 3. Bodily injury (injury and death) that 3rd parties may have as the result of accidents,
It may cover treatment expenses of the passengers who are travelling in the vehicle leased from Intercity and compensation to be paid in case of death.

With Personal Accident Policy issued in addition to the umbrella policy, we can insure the person who is responsible of transfer and control of the vehicle you have leased from our company during the accident under a coverage of USD 50,000 for “compensation for permanent disability and death in accidents”. Within the scope of this coverage, treatment expenses shall be limited with USD 10,000.

These policies are provided as brand new services way above insurance limits of existing insurances in the market.

Intercity carries out all insurance processes over Aralık Sigorta insurance agency that has been established in December 1999 and started its official operations in October 2001. Within 1 year of its establishment, it became the agency that has the highest production share among insurance companies. Intercity and Aralık Sigorta offers its customers the chance to get the best services for lower prices.

We keep track of periodic maintenance of your vehicles and carry it out for free.

In case of any breakdown or accident, we follow-up all repair works and deliver your vehicle hassle-free, in working condition.

In case of car theft, accident or prolongation of periodic maintenance, we provide a substitute vehicle and ensure continuity of your operations. We do not charge extra fee for this service.

In-house maintenance and repair services at Intercity and contracted service points across the country operate to provide 7x24 maintenance services. In-houses services in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara renders service in TSE standards and provides maintenance-repair works with 500 vehicle capacity daily.

Intercity, having the most extensive vehicle range in the sector, puts great emphasis in quality and safety and accordingly it has a competent service team, thanks to training and performance measurement methodology that the Company has developed. Service team is made up of personnel that are specialized in their own area of expertise and that can train and support new members of the team. It is possible to follow-up know-how about vehicles that are launched to the market for the first time on extranet and forum pages provided by producers and information obtained are transferred to the team meticuluosly and continous training and development environment is provided. Service teams are encouraged and guided to get certificates in their own area of operation. Maintenance and repair services are equipped with all modern and technical team that is required by vehicle fleet and has technology infrastructure provided by Oracle that can track all service and maintenance records during the time vehicles are kept at Intercity.

Since your safety and satisfaction is a top priority, tyres of your vehicle will be replaced every 50,000 kms and we also provide snow tyres for your vehicles.

You will save on time and employee costs. You will no longer need to hire extra personnel to manage your fleet and you will not have to pay for extra costs like salary, insurance premiums, bonuses and salary supplements.

You will increase productivity by using company resources accurately. Your existing employees will not lose time managing your fleet. Accounting Departments will not have to deal with hundreds of invoices related to vehicles. They will not have to take care of details, such as depreciation, revaluation or financing expenses.

On your behalf we pay Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) for January and July period.

You do not have to allocate resources and your time to pay Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) of your car.

We shall be responsible of keeping track of vehicles whose inspection time has arrived, making appointments, checking vehicles before inspections.

If you wish, we can provide you HGS devices, monitor your HGS account balance, handle failures and replace HGS devices on your behalf.

When traffic tickets are received, we pay the ticket, taking advantage of legal discounts and we register these on our system over Internet.

We help you determine the best vehicle portfolio that fits you and your company and we ensure that you save money on fuel expenses.

At the end of the rental period, we take back your old vehicles and provide you with new ones.

When the economic life of your vehicle expires, selling them at a fair valuation is a challenging task. Especially if the car was involved in an accident, its residual value decreases and it becomes harder to sell them. However, you don't have to worry about your old vehicles, you can carry on your daily work with your new vehicles.